Building Forensics

Building forensics is the science of evaluating the cause and extent of building failures.  Xspec’s forensic services focus on structural and environmental problems due to construction defects, building envelope failures, moisture intrusion, humidity problems, HVAC and plumbing failures, ventilation inadequacies, and natural disasters.  Forensic analysis can be integrated at any stage of investigation process, from initial discovery to project scoping and remediation. 

Xspec’s site inspections may incorporate a full continent of investigative services including infrared thermography, moisture surveys, visual inspections, and indoor air monitoring. 

  • Cause and Origins
  • Damage Disclosure
  • Product Failure
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Litigation Support

Infrared thermography is a technique that produces visible images from thermal patterns.  Performing building inspections without the use of infrared camera is like performing it blind folded.  You just cannot get an accurate picture of what is happening beneath the surface.  Infrared thermography is the most advanced non-destructive testing/inspection application for building inspection services.  It can detect building defects beyond the visible inspection identifying potential problems that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.  Infrared thermography has involved into one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance and many other applications.  It maximizes operations and safety in many environments, but it also increases building efficiency.  It is the most economical way to discover construction failures and to visually communicate them. 


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