Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Building biology is a field of building science investigating the indoor environments for a variety of irritants.   Xspec offers only testing and consulting services and does not perform any remediation services.  You should always have a third-party evaluate and provide information regarding an incident(s) and write a detailed report summarizing the findings (facts) to ensure that a contractor is not trying to rebuild the entire house.  

Microbial growth in buildings can adversely affect IAQ.  The experience and execution of sampling regiments and ability to interpret results responsibly allows Xspec to conduct meaningful investigations and to verify the results of remediation projects. 

Xspec specializes in complete project oversight; from initial loss event (cause of damage) to final clearance testing.  Xspec carries professional liability insurance – so the reports are insured. 

Do you breath more freely indoors?  Try not to gasp, but it’s usually worse than what’s outside.

Call Xspec today 772.559.0482 or email – and lets view things as they are and not over complicate things because a situation is what it is.