Moisture Dynamics

Moisture Dynamics is a critical factor in building science that requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the building envelope.  Moisture problems can result for many reasons such as depressurized building space or poor air conditioning performance, and causes of these problems are many and often very difficult to determine.  Moisture enters and leaves envelope components – mold growth and deterioration will be avoided as long as there is a balance between wetting and drying of the component so that the moisture storage capacity is not exceeded.    

Xspec has the expertise in understanding the complex nature of air flow within and across the building envelope, heat and moisture transfer to and from outdoors, how these will affect the occupant, and how machines will impact the space and occupants in hot humid climates, where moisture intrusion/mold is an critical factor.     

Xspec offers a wide range of services pertaining to moisture intrusion, including but are not limited to the following. 

  • Water Intrusion Assessment
  • IR Thermography (IR camera)
  • Dampness Assessment
  • Building Envelope Assessments
  • Energy Surveys
  • Insurance Claim Analysis and Support

Site restoration projects often involve construction defect problems or contamination problems, such as mold resulting from moisture intrusion.  Xspec specializes in damage assessment and proper remediation techniques for occupied facilities.  Simply cleaning up a mold contaminated area does not necessarily address the moisture problem that initially created the mold.  Preventing moisture problems is the best way to guarantee a building’s durability and its occupant’s respiratory health.  Moisture causes billions of dollars worth of property damage and high energy bills each year in American homes.   

Xspec identifies the source(s) of the moisture intrusion and determine how to correct the problem at its source.  The source(s) of water intrusion must be corrected before mold can effectively be remediated.

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