Xspec – Building Sciences

Xspec is an independent indoor environmental consulting firm with a focus on building science.  Building science is about understanding a house-as-a-system and knowing how all the components work together – the process of understanding how things influence one another within a whole.  The only way to fully understand why a problem or element occurs and persists is to understand the parts in relation to the whole.

Building problems result for many reasons and these problems are many and often difficult to determine.  The science of buildings consist of the building, the stuff in the building, the occupants, and various interaction that occurs between each and the surrounding environment.  For homes and buildings to work as a system, proper building science must be applied for any work done on the home.  Things such as air flow, heat transfer, and moisture movement all work according to their own physical principles, and interact with a building’s envelope components and mechanical systems. 

Xspec provides expert service to the individual, insurance, legal, private industries, builders, property managers, and real estate professionals.  Xspec offers a non-bias analysis of the building system to identify source and severity of issues in your indoor environment and provide a report detailing the findings (facts) and provide guidance as needed.  Xspec work is investigative and advisory in nature.

Lets view things as they are and not over-complicate things because a situation is what it is….everything is clearly, openly, and plainly delivered.